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√ Environmental protection: Environmental protection material, do not contain any toxic substances, no smell, no pollution, can be 100% recycled for use.

 Waterproof: Not under the influence of water penetration for waterproof over 12 hours.

Permeability: Pulp fibers has good permeability, can avoid floor surface wet for a long time and the backlog of harmful gas, guarantee the contruction safe.

Wrinkle/Skid resistance: Good anti-skid effect,reduce the contruction personnel safety risk in the process of operation.

Folding/Pulling/Abrasion resistance : Using high density fiber paper, cardboard folding wear-resisting can effectively protect the floor.

Compression/Collision resistance: Cardboard tensile compressive strength is higher,effectively protect all kinds of decoration tools impact and pressure, is not easy to damage.

Convenience: Material is qualitative light,can volume can discount,drum packing is easy to carry,transport, spreading and recycling.




The advantage of the products:

1. Save time.

2. Less effort.

3. Save trouble.                                     

4. Save money.