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      Wellong (Zhongshan) Paper Co.,Ltd founded in 2001, is a strong technical force and has more than 10 years experience in reseach and development production enterprise. Since 2011, we have been doing reserch on waterproof floor protection paper, through continuous improvement and test, which are finally developed and we have our own intellectual property rights of technology formula. The quality of waterproof floor protection paper can be equal  to similar famous products , while the price is relatively more competitive and attractive.

      Our  waterproof floor protection paper adopts high density fiber wood pulp paper  with double sided waterproof  is easy to use . Product is holding wear-resisting, bump pressure resistance, anti-wrinkle, prevent-slippery function, in decorating process on the ground have very good protection effects,  thus improving the construction quality and efficiency and keep the decorating workers safe . At the same time, it also can be used for furniture, floor and wall body between the blocking moisture.

       Our products are being welcome  in the international market,mainly exported to the Americas, Europe, New Zealand and Austrialia, and other developed countries and regions. At the same time, we have sales representatives in Canada and the United States.